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Most dealerships try to find financing for you. Unlike other dealerships, we finance 99% of our car sales in-house. We lend you the money! That means we dont send your loan application to a bank like other car dealerships do... we are the bank.

The majority of banks consider your past to make a simple yes or no decision about your loan. At Gulfstream Motor Credit , we're more interested in your future. We focus on your situation looking forward, and find a way to make things work. Because we're one of the leading experts at financing cars for people with credit challenges, we know exactly what to look for when assessing a customer's situationthings that banks don't even know about. Every person is different, and if there's a way to make it work for you, well make it happen.

And because we dont shop your loan around to a bunch of banks, your credit report won't suffer by making it appear like you're looking for moneywhich is exactly what happens when you buy from other dealerships. Best of all, unlike smaller dealerships, each time you make an on-time payment to us, we'll report it to the credit bureaus, so you can start to establish a better credit rating immediately.

Don't wait, give us a try. You'll be glad you did.

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