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We are Gulfstream Motor Credit, home of the "Credit Doctor." We provide an honest, ethical, and no nonsense approach to help you, our potential customers, to purchase quality cars, trucks, vans, and SUV's. If you have derogatory credit, and are trying to establish credit, or even if you have good or excellent credit we are the company for your car purchasing needs. We are a family owned and operated business that has helped over 15,000 people in the community to get to where they need to go. We are dedicated to give people a second chance to repair their credit. Gulfstream Motor Credit was established in February 1992, and five years later we opened a second dealership.

What we do...

We help you! Some might think, "Yeah right!" but let's explain ourselves. We help you to establish credit. We do this by improving your credit score. How do we do that? We report all of our accounts to the credit bureau, where they see "WOW this person got approved for X amount of money and they are making great payments, let's raise their score!" It might not go exactly like that but your score does improve. And come on everyone likes to improve their score, right? We also offer personalized programs for whatever situation.

Why you should buy from us...

  • Because we have what you need, a car (van, SUV, truck, anything on four wheels that you want we can get.)
  • We make it easy. We will prove to you that you can afford the payments. Because we know if you can't keep up with the payments our purpose in life has been destroyed.
  • Our cars are backed by a 24 months 24,000 miles limited warranty. Other dealerships would say once you're out of their sight you're out of their minds, but not us. We give you at no cost a warranty on the vehicle's powertrain, which means the engine, transmission, and drive axle.
  • Earn hard, cold cash by referring your friends to us.
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